Do you know a laptop specialist is someone who is very much required in this IT world? And by learning the best skills, you can start your own business, soon after the completion of the course. Learn Laptop Repair From The Experts

We, at Laptopchiplevelcourse offer a fully dynamic instructional course to get the aspirants into the business of repairing of all makes of laptops. The Training program will be customized for your present knowledge of electronics as well as experts will offer the fundamental track including the power of electronic components will be introduced before pros move to the logics section.

We always go with the simple strategy to make students comfortable with power electronics along with the logic session. As we’re a team of computer repair experts, we always go with the passion to back you up with the knowledge you need to fix laptops completely by yourself. Our mission is just to enable you to be an IT technician by saving money and time. Our online training covers intensive coverage into the intricate details of chip-level service of the laptops as well as students will learn everything from detailed circuit tracing to replacement and repair of the SMD devices, signal analysis and other essential information which must be there to perform any task easily.

Our laptop repair training course online is designed so well to make you confident enough to offer any simple to complex chip-level service to the new generation laptops of all the latest brands from HP to sony, Lenova and others. Our training program will help you to give knowledge and experience in the following discipline-

-Via proper training programs the students will get great confidence and be comfortable in using desktop, laptops and peripherals.

-They will get a complete knowledge about all the internal components and operation of the system as well as will easily able to install and manage various operating systems.

-They will become an expert in managing the hard disk subsystem with formatting and partioning. Also, covering explanation of both I3/I5/I7 & dual core laptops will be given with the help of the schematic diagrams

-Complete coverage of laptop repairing along with the bios programming, bga replacement techniques will be there. As well as the explanation of the entire power sequence and fault wise analysis in real terms with important signal testing will be taught by our experts. And yes we never forget letting you know about all the hidden secrets of laptop motherboard to make you pro in the same domain.

Why Choose Us?

After completing our laptop repair training, you can start earning instantly. Yes, we ensure to make you a laptop specialist by learning everything about the advance computer repair skills which will help you to become an entrepreneur or taking a job in any IT firms. Successful completion of this course means you will have mastery over other courses like networking and security as well.