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We offer AS 400 training online with the facility of an easy access to the internet web based training. You can learn the most up-to-date iSeries and AS/400 computer skills and knowledge with us without leaving your workplace or home. Yes, you don’t need to travel anywhere as we are very flexible, offer online training and cost effective solutions. Our COBOL/400 web based training is specially designed in small modules and one can easily pick up any of them depending on their need.

We are geared up by the professionals with the thought to prepare to meet the most complex business system requirements. We offer IBM AS/400 Training Online and end-to-end enterprise level solutions to enhance the businesses, no matter what sector it is. Well, the same system is a type of minicomputer produced by IBM and it was firstly produced in 1988. If you are very much interested in joining the course of IBM AS400 Training, you should improve a basic knowledge of java programming language and also distributed systems concepts.

Talking about the course content of our IBM AS/400 Training : AS/400 online training, there are various things a student will need to learn in order to get complete knowledge of the same and working individually on the live projects. The courses will include the study of- DB2/400 concepts and architecture, DDS interface, CL control programming, RPG programming, ILE and various others. It is important to be noted that ILE RPG training is one of the ways for IT workers to master the architectures and configurations of these vital server machines. Also, once you will become a master of the same, your salary and position will surely be hike to the next level.

Are you thinking about what skills can be learned in AS400 training? Well, it entirely depends on the path a student takes and their complete requirements. Our ILE CL professionals are the best and they focus on system storage, simplification and consolidation and change management so that students can easily learn everything without any confusion or hassle. Those students who are taking training in CL/400, they will learn everything to apply their administration skills to the emerging world of remote along with the virtual computing.

We also provide job placement assistance by offering proper training in CL/400 and various other courses like IBM AS400 Training. So, you just get ready and go with the real time project training in order to deal with all the affairs easily and professionally as well as the same course will tend to attract detail-oriented problem solvers with strong analytical skills.